Due to the current civil unrest and curfews in place, we are currently not offering any programs to Chile.  Please click here to check out the other destinations you can go on exchange to.

South America is an extraordinary place and Chile is one of its’ jewels in the crown. This is a country of extreme beauty, from lively high density cities to millennial glaciers and the driest desert in the world, it is known as being a land of extremes. The natural landscapes will take your breath away but it is the warmth of the people who will captivate you and find a place within your heart forever. Open, friendly and hospitable, Chileans are known to embrace visitors as one of their own. Life here is slow paced and locals live by an old saying, ‘Those who hurry waste their time.’ If South America has been on your radar, then Chile is a country worth considering.

Short Programs Long Programs Language Criteria Immunisation Gap Year Online Video Scholarships Discounts
Short Programs Long Programs Language Criteria Immunisation Gap Year Online Video Scholarships Discounts

Important Program Information

Please note that

  • A 3 week immersion camp is included. 
  • Optional Program Extras are available at additional cost. These include language camps prior to your departure. Please contact our office for further information.

Programs available

You can choose either a 5 or 10 month program departing in February and August each year. Short Programs are not available.


Host families come in all different types, sizes and backgrounds, and could live just about anywhere in Chile.

All host families undergo a Criminal Background Check, are interviewed in their home and referenced checked before they are approved to host.

Schools in Chile

School hours vary from school to school, but are usually from 8am until 2pm or from 8am to 4pm with a break for lunch. Lessons are usually divided into teaching periods of 45 minutes. Some schools offer school lunches, although many children bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch if they live nearby. It is very common in Chile to have a uniform in schools.

Age and Eligibility

To be eligible for an exchange to Chile you must be between the ages of 15 and 18 and be enrolled at school when applying. Gap year students are eligible and need to depart no more than 3 months after completing their final year. There are no formal language requirements for Chile. Your motivation to learn the language and experience the culture is more important that your formal language studies. Students are, however, strongly encouraged to work at the language before departure.


You will travel on a student visa and will need to lodge your application in person at the Chilean Consulate serving your area. We will help you prepare your application.

Application deadlines

Application deadlines are typically 4-5 months prior to departure but don’t leave it to the last minute to apply. Check our website for details or give us a call. You may like to take advantage of our scholarships or early bird discounts and secure your spot even earlier!