Savour the art in the shining capital on the River Seine. See glorious pasts blaze forth at Versailles. Travel south for Roman civilisation and the sparkling blue Med. Ski the Alps. Sense the subtle infusion of language, music and mythology in Brittany brought by 5th-century Celtic invaders. Smell ignominy on the beaches of Normandy and battlefields of Verdun and the Somme.

You'll experience highs & lows, develop a love for a new culture & come to further appreciate your own. Knowing this experience & its challenges are growing you into a stronger human-being makes this so much more than a holiday!

Rhys Schofield - Year to France

Most rewarding part of the exchange experience? Meeting such great people ! Learning French, the culture … and coming home as if we have achieved something.

Chris Jacek – Semester to France

Short Programs Long Programs Language Criteria Immunisation Gap Year Online Video Scholarships Discounts
Short Programs Long Programs Language Criteria Immunisation Gap Year Online Video Scholarships Discounts

Next available departures for France

Length Departure Fee Application deadline Early Bird deadline Scholarship deadline
Length3 months DepartureOct 2023 FeeAU $8900 Application deadline30/07/2023 Early Bird deadline31/03/2023
Length2 months DepartureNov 2023 FeeAU $8700 Application deadline31/08/2023 Early Bird deadline31/03/2023
LengthSemester DepartureJan 2024 FeeAU $10950 Application deadline30/10/2023 Early Bird deadline31/03/2023 Scholarship deadline31/03/2023
LengthAcademic Year DepartureJan 2024 FeeAU $12300 Application deadline30/10/2023 Early Bird deadline31/03/2023 Scholarship deadline31/03/2023

Important Program Information

Please note that

  • Students applying for France will need to have a basic knowledge of French to allow easy adaption to school and Host family life. A language course is strongly recommended.
  • Students applying for a short program departing in August or January will incur an additional fee for airport assistance.
  • Some program arrivals include an orientation in Paris at an additional cost. (for August/September departures only)
  • Please be aware that France now requires specific pages to be completed for the Medical and School information. The French application form is on our downloads page or please ask our office.

Location Options

Pick your preferred location in France

Students applying for a Semester or Academic Year program to France have the option to pick the region they would like to live in during their exchange. Students can select up to 3 regions.

If applicants are successfully placed in one of their preferred regions, then an additional location fee will be applied to the normal program price.

Providing you meet our usual eligibility criteria, your placement on one of these limited spots will be confirmed when your application is received by our office, accepted and your deposit paid. 

Location selection options are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Please click here for Location Options in France.

2WayExchange Program

The 2WayExchange Experience involves you in a unique exchange program where students from Australia are ‘matched’, with a student in either France or  Italy. You choose which country and spend 3 months with each other’s families and attend school. It amounts to twice the experience and at a fraction of the usual cost of a 3 month exchange program. Click here to find out more.


You will be enrolled in a local school - College or Lycee - depending on your age. The school year starts in early September and goes through to the beginning of July.

Students have a fixed subject curriculum until year 10 and, from year 11, have 3 streams of study to choose from. There isn't any school uniform in France, even in private schools and students wear casual clothes to school.

Age and Eligibility

You must be between the ages of 15 and 18 and be enrolled at school when applying. Gap year students are eligible and need to depart no more than 3 months after completing their final year. Ideally, students will have studied French for 2 years before departure but there is flexibility with this requirement so please talk to us.


Aussies and Kiwis will travel on a tourist visa for short programs lasting 2 to 3 months.

Students on a long program will need to lodge their application in person and attend a face to face interview at the Consulate in Sydney or Wellington (with a parent if under 18).

Find out more - Attend one of our Info Sessions

If you would like to find out more information on our programs, please attend one of our free LIVE Online sessions. 

  • Meet our staff
  • Hear comprehensive information on all aspects of exchange
  • Ask questions
  • Listen to questions asked by other students and parents
  • Meet other students who are considering going on exchange

Information evenings run for about an hour. They are friendly and free and are the best way for us to address your specific questions in person.