Students Arriving in July 2020


Clementine is a 15 year student from France who also speaks Spanish and Chinese. She has a twin brother and younger sister, plus a cat, 3 chickens and a gold fish at home. Clementine’s hobbies include cooking, painting, singing and dancing. She is quite active during the week and her sporting activities include swimming, bike riding and paddle boarding. While in Australia, Clementine is hoping to improve her English and become more mature and independent. She tells us that she looking forward to sharing her French culture and cuisine with her host family. Clementine would also like to try kayaking, canoeing, climbing or playing rugby whilst in Australia. She describes herself as hard working, generous, calm, patient, creative, persevering, joyful, curious but a little shy. At home, she helps with the cooking and general house hold duties. Clementine’s parents describe her as a very kind, smart girl, who is very active in the family. She is creative and is able to make a lot of different things; cooking, DIY creations. She likes learning to do new things all by herself and is able to adapt to different situations. Her parents hope that her 2Way partner will welcome her into their family to help her discover the Australian way of life. They are also looking forward to organising a very complete program for her Australian partner to discover the French way of life and will consider her as part of their family. They are hoping to transform this experience into a strong human relationship between the two families.

Elea is a 15 year student from France who has 3 brothers. She speaks both French and German and describes herself as dynamic, sporty, smiling, funny, curious, determined, smart, caring, reasonable and elegant. Her friends call her the sunshine! In her leisure time Elea listens to music. She also likes spending time with her friends and family. Elea practices rhythmic gymnastics in French championship competitions and has between 6 and 8 hours a week of training which takes up a lot of her free time. She loves it so much and practices it as an individual and as a team. It's very important to her because it's like her second family. Elea also enjoys dancing, playing tennis, shopping with friends, Japanese food, going to the theatre, skiing, travelling, going to the movies and cooking. She also used to practise the violin at the conservatory for five years. Elea writes that she will bring her smile and permanent good mood to her Australian family. Elea is very motivated to progress in English whilst in Australia and loves going out and sightseeing. She is open to trying new activities whilst in Australia because she is curious. Elea confesses she is a little bit afraid of country animals, especially spiders and other insects, but she adapts easily. Elea is looking forward to sharing some typical French cooking with her host family and tasting her host families cooking. Everything interests Elea and she is ready to discover and share this experience with her Australian family. She has a slight cat allergy and cannot live in a house with cats living indoors. Her parents describe Elea as a little shy but she has got a lot of friends who appreciated her qualities of dynamism, joyful and positive attitude. Elea likes pets even if she doesn’t have any at home. She is autonomous and respects the rules at home and at school. Elea likes cooking and likes eating and trying new tastes.

Cloe is a 16 year old student from France who also speaks Spanish. Her favourite subjects at school are Maths and Natural Science. In her free time cloe enjoys shopping, listening to music and hanging out with her friends. Her activities include handball and the piano which she has played for the past four years. While in Australia, she is excited to learn experience a new school, improve her English and become more autonomous. She is also looking forward to sharing her culture with her host family too. Cloe describes herself as serious, hardworking, kind and shy. At home, she helps by cleaning her room, cooking and general household tasks.


Chiara is a 16 year student from a small town in Italy and she has both an older and younger sister. In her free time, she likes to go out and have fun with her friends, walk the dog, listen to music and watch Netflix series. Chiara mentions that she doesn’t know any Australian songs but is looking forward to it. She loves animals and has a dog, three cats and chickens. Chiara’s favourite activities include horse riding and swimming and she also enjoys painting and until recently played the piano. Chiara would love to play soccer but there aren’t many female teams in her home town. She tells us that it has always been a dream to go to Australia, she is looking forward to experiencing life in another country and to become more independent. Chiara said that she would like to live in Australia and experience the culture and the life of Australians, that’s why she chose the exchange program. She is really curious about all the differences and new things she will experience. Chiara can’t wait to make some international friends and to be in our amazing country. Chiara describes herself as sociable, kind, sometimes unorganised but very adaptive. At home, she helps by setting the table, cleaning her room and feeding the pets. Chiara is not sure what she would like to do when she grows up, but has some dreams including travelling a lot and volunteer experiences because she wants to help others and try to change things in places where people aren’t as lucky. As a job she is thinking about becoming a vet, as she loves animals or would like to work with people or kids. 

Elena is a 16 year student from Italy.  In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends, play volleyball and read. She tells us that she is looking forward to experiencing another culture, be more open-minded and responsible. She also hopes to bring another point of view from her country to her host family and community. Elena describes herself as curious, determined and generous. Not an extrovert or introvert either, somewhere in between. At home, she helps by cleaning her room and cooking some meals.

Nicola is a 16 year student from Italy.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing football, hanging with friends and cooking cakes and relaxes by watching movies. Nicola’s activities include football, swimming and skiing. While in Australia he is looking forward to trying sports he has never played, become more independent and mature. His favourite subject at school is English and Spanish. Nicola describes himself as curious, cheerful, social, humorous and tenacious. At home, he helps by cleaning his room and cleaning the bathroom.

Ludicovica is a 16 year student from Italy who also speak Spanish and French.  Her favourite subject at school is English and enjoys learning new languages. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends, listen to music, go to the gym and play volleyball. She tells us that she is looking forward to enriching her cultural background while on exchange. Ludicovica describes herself as positive, solar, nice and a little bit shy. At home, she helps by cleaning her room and stack the dishwasher and clear the table.

Martina is a 16 year student from Italy.  Her favourite subjects at school are English and Italian.  She is very active and tells us she has played volleyball for the past 5 years and trains 4 times a week. Her other hobbies include reading, watching TV series, hanging with friends and listening to music. While in Australia, she hopes to try surfing and other sports, become more independent and experience a very different country. Martina describes herself as helpful, polite, friendly and an extrovert. At home, she helps by cleaning her room and set and clear the table.

Rafaele is a 17 year student from Italy who also speaks French.  He tells us his favourite subject at school is informatics. In his spare time, he likes to go bike riding and hiking in the mountains, hangout with friends, take photos and play sport. His sporting activities include Water polo and Skiing. While in Australia, Rafaele is hoping to try surfing and looks forward to improving his English and learning about a new culture. Rafaele describes himself as helpful, respectful, optimistic and honest. At home, he helps by packing the dishwasher and walking the dog.