Student Profiles

Students arriving in 2018!

Students arrive in Australia in January, June, July and August each year. To view student profiles by country, please select your preference from the list below. Please note that only a handful of the students who will be arriving are shown below and we are receiving new profiles each week If you would like our hosting coordinator to send you a selection of full student profiles for you to review and decide which student may fit into your family best, then please contact us or complete our web form below. Alternatively you can email us or send us a message via Facebook.The full profiles include letters to the host family from both the student and their parents.  No obligation!


To protect the privacy of our international exchange students, please note that the images displayed above are stock photos only and not of the students detailed in the profiles below. In the interests of Child Protection we do not show the real images of arriving students on our web site. If you would like to view photos of any of the students listed, please contact our office.


Denmark Anton is a Danish student who is 17 and looking forward to the Australian way of life. He is looking forward to playing rugby, cricket or any sport. Describing himself as a fun, genuine guy with a lot of energy, he is looking forward to meeting his host family. Anton loves travelling, experiencing new cultures and exploring nature. He loves being fashionable and particularly enjoys food.
Denmark Casper is 16 years old and comes from Denmark. Most of his time is taken up by school, swimming, triathlons, friends and family. His goals for going on exchange are to experience a different culture, meet new people and become more independent. He would like to try surfing or any water sports, triathlon s and Australian football. He helps around the house at home and describes himself as open minded, cheerful, caring and passionate.
Denmark Maria is a 16 year old Danish student who enjoys horse-riding, dressage and anything sport related. Her goals for exchange are to meet new people, enjoy new experiences and become part of the family. Maria describes herself as a happy, outgoing, positive, family person who is responsible for keeping her room tidy, walking the dog and emptying the dishwasher. She is excited about arriving in Australia and looks forward to hearing from you.
Denmark Nicoline is from Denmark and will be 16 upon arrival. She does boxing training once per week, enjoys spending time with friends and likes to read books, watch movies and TV shows. After a holiday in Australia, Nicoline decided she wanted to experience life here ‘not as a tourist.’ She also hopes to get out of her comfort zone and travel. She describes herself as sweet, funny and interested to learn about the Australian culture.
Denmark Olivia is a 16 year old Danish student who spends her time with friends, family, drawing, painting and doing homework. She is looking forward to getting to know the Australian culture, learn new things and experience life in a different way. Whilst here she would like to do art, soccer, surfing, cricket, hiking and yoga but is open to most things. At home she is responsible for walking her dog, making dinner and ironing a few times per week. Olivia describes herself as fun, sweet, helpful, open, creative and adventurous.
Denmark Sebastian is 16 years old and from Denmark. He is looking forward to coming to Australia to become personally and academically challenged. He describes himself as calm, helpful and open hearted. His family are close and they appreciate good humour, helpfulness and kindness. Sebastian participates in a lot of sport such as, tennis, kayaking, mountain bike riding and many other sports. He thinks Australia is the perfect destination and is looking forward to learning about the culture.
Denmark Tobias is a 15 year old Danish student, who like to spend time with his friends, playing soccer and badminton. He is looking forward to getting better at English and learning about Australia and its culture. He would like to try diving, golf and fishing if possible. Tobias describes himself as calm, modest and caring.


Germany 16 year old German student Henry is also learning Spanish and English. He enjoys sport and plays European handball and tennis. During family holidays he has tried surfing and stand up paddling. While in Australia, Henry is looking forward to experiencing the many outdoor activities offered. He hopes to improve his English and get to know a new country. Henry helps at home by mowing the lawn, cooking sometimes, working in the garden and looking after the families chickens. He describes himself as friendly, sporty, active, lucky and funny.
Germany Leon is a 15 year old German student who enjoys wake boarding, reading, drawing and meeting his friends. He is looking forward to life in Australia and gaining a new family, new friends, having a nice time and getting good grades. He hopes to play rugby and would like to try any water sports that are available. He describes himself as open minded, friendly, relaxed and nature-oriented.


Italy Arianna is an Italian student who is 17 years old, and looking to improve her English, know a new culture, become more independent and open minded whilst living in Australia. She loves sports and is currently learning Slacklining, which is the act of walking along a suspended length of flat webbing and she is also doing Antigravity, which is an aerial hammock. Her parents say their daughter is selfless and helpful as well as being a sunny girl who loves studying and doing her best.