Student Profiles

Students arriving in 2018!

Students arrive in Australia in January, June and July each year. To view student profiles by country, please select your preference from the list below. Please note that only a handful of the students who will be arriving are shown below and we are receiving new profiles each week If you would like our hosting coordinator to send you a selection of full student profiles for you to review and decide which student may fit into your family best, then please contact us or complete our web form below. Alternatively you can email us or send us a message via Facebook.The full profiles include letters to the host family from both the student and their parents.  No obligation!


To protect the privacy of our international exchange students, please note that the images displayed above are stock photos only and not of the students detailed in the profiles below. In the interests of Child Protection we do not show the real images of arriving students on our web site. If you would like to view photos of any of the students listed, please contact our office.


Denmark Sebastian is 16 years old and from Denmark. He is looking forward to coming to Australia to become personally and academically challenged. He describes himself as calm, helpful and open hearted. His family are close and they appreciate good humour, helpfulness and kindness. Sebastian participates in a lot of sport such as, tennis, kayaking, mountain bike riding and many other sports. He thinks Australia is the perfect destination and is looking forward to learning about the culture.


Germany Lisa-Anna is a 16 year old student from Germany who also speaks French. She really enjoys sport and music and competes in vaulting competitions on the weekends. In her free time, Lisa-Anna hangs with her friends, swimming and eating out. During family holiday time they enjoy hiking and skiing. While on exchange she hopes to live the Australian way of life and bring some of her culture to her host family. Lisa- Anna has always dreamed of going to Australia. She describes herself as reliable, cheerful and honest. At home, she helps with the dishes , laundry and setting the table.
Germany Marielle is a 15 year old student from Germany who also speaks French. Her favourite subjects at school are English and Geography. While in Australia, Marielle hopes to meet new lifelong friends, become more independent, improve her English and experience Australian culture. In her freetime, Marielle enjoys dancing and gymnastics. She tells us that she also volunteers and helps at the gymnastic club teach 6-12 year olds. Marielle describes herself as polite, friendly, tolerant, open-minded and honest. She helps at home by keeping her room tidy, loading the dishwasher and setting the table.


Italy 16 year old Alessia is spends her time studying, meeting with friends and family, taking photos and going to the gym. She attends a school where she studies subjects such as Greek, Philosophy, History and Italian literature. Her favourite subjects are Greek, Maths and Philosophy. Her goal is to become a Doctor one day. Alessia has travelled extensively with her parents and looks forward to discovering a new place and culture in Australia through a ‘citizens’ eyes. At home, Alessia needs to keep her room tidy, set and clear the dining table and keep the kitchen clean. She describes herself as shy at first, determined, cheerful, always smiling, patient and calm.
Italy 16 year old Italian student Benedetta, also speaks Spanish. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies and hanging with friends. She attends a school where she studies subjects such as Greek, Philosophy, Latin and Italian literature. Her favourite subject is Italian. While in Australia, Benedetta looks forward to trying many sports especially surfing, meeting new people and experiencing a different culture. She describes herself as shy at first but quickly becomes friendly, curious and sociable. She helps at home by keeping the house clean.
Italy 16 year old Italian student Gaia, also speaks German. She tells us that at first she may appear shy but after getting to know someone she becomes spontaneous and cheerful. Gaia also describes herself as hard-working, adventurous and very determined to reach her goals and dreams. While in Australia, she is looking forward to getting to know a new school system, meet new people, improve her English and become more independent. Gaia helps at home by feeding the cat, setting the table and hang out the washing.
Italy 17 year old Alessia is a student from Italy. Her main subjects at school are Information Technology, Italian History, Maths and English. Alessia tells us that is that she is cheery, friendly and curious but can be shy at times. Her parents describe her as always happy and her enthusiasm is contagious. In her free time, Alessia enjoys reading, listening to music and watching movies with her family. She helps at home by keeping the house clean .
Italy Alessia is a 17 year old student from Italy. She loves languages and is learning English, Spanish and Chinese at school. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym with her mum to do Yoga, going to the cinema and shopping with her friends. Alessia also enjoys making music with her friends, playing their instruments and singing. While in Australia, Alessia is looking forward to become more outgoing, see things in a different way and more mature. She describes herself as shy but also very friendly and caring. At home, Alessia helps by keeping her room tidy and help where necessary.
Italy Alessio is a 17 year old student from Italy who also speaks Spanish. He is passionate about soccer and in his free time enjoys watching action movies, playing sport and going to the cinema with friends. In summer the family go stay near the sea and winter they enjoy skiing. While in Australia, Alessio hopes to have new experiences, improve his English and learn about a new culture. He describes himself sociable, active, confident, easy going and optimistic. Alessio helps at home by keeping his room tidy and help where necessary.