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Students arriving in 2019!

Students arrive in Australia in January, June and July each year. To view student profiles by country, please select your preference from the list below. Please note that only a handful of the students who will be arriving are shown below and we are receiving new profiles each week If you would like our hosting coordinator to send you a selection of full student profiles for you to review and decide which student may fit into your family best, then please contact us or complete our web form below. Alternatively you can email us or send us a message via Facebook.The full profiles include letters to the host family from both the student and their parents.  No obligation!


To protect the privacy of our international exchange students, please note that the images displayed above are stock photos only and not of the students detailed in the profiles below. In the interests of Child Protection we do not show the real images of arriving students on our web site. If you would like to view photos of any of the students listed, please contact our office.


Brazil 16 year old Brazilian student Andre also speaks Spanish. He tells us he chose Australia for the very vast culture, security, customs and habits very different to his own. He looks forward to being up close to a Kangaroo and really enjoys Australian bands. In his free time, Andre likes to hang with friends, go to the movies, restaurants and camping with his family. He plays basketball and is also an instructor of Krav Maga which is a self defence class. He hopes to be able to share some Brazilian culture with his Host family. Andre describes himself as calm, curious, friendly, joyful, respectful, a little lazy but very athletic. At home, Andre helps by keeping his room tidy, putting out the rubbish and hanging the washing