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Our Local Coordinators are men and women who believe that student exchange is a life changing experience for young people and the host families within the local community. As a Local Coordinator, you will assist with recruiting and interview potential host families. You will provide ongoing support to these families and students to ensure that the exchange experience is a success for everyone as well as interviewing local students wishing to go on exchange overseas. If you are interested in becoming a Local Coordinator, please register below, and our team will be in contact with you to discuss further:

Host family in Australia

Do you have an interest in foreign cultures and the student exchange experience?

We are always on the lookout for new people to become part of our coordinator network across Australia and in New Zealand.

If you’ve got a few spare hours a week, why not help support inbound and outbound exchange students in your local area by volunteering to join us and become a Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Local Coordinator.

As a Local Coordinator, you will help us by:

  • Conducting host family interviews
  • Introducing students with families according to Student Exchange Australia New Zealand and Education Department guidelines
  • Keeping us informed on students’ progress
  • Conducting host family and student orientations, once a year (if required)
  • Supervising students and providing support to them and their host families
  • Interviewing local students who wish to go on exchange overseas
  • Accessing our comprehensive online Info Centre along with other community coordinators

Generally, coordinating only takes an hour or two a fortnight. There will be times when you may need to devote more time, for example if you are evaluating and interviewing families.

Yes, exchange students can depart from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Similarly, overseas exchange students can be placed with a host family anywhere in the country. Exchange students from overseas are interested in living in all sorts of different communities so no place is too big or too small, too rural or too urban. We want international teens to learn and experience as much as possible about their new host family.

Yes, depending on your other commitments, you can look after a number of students. They’ll need to be placed within close graphical range so that you can easily reach students or families if they need you.

Exchange student with her host siblings in Australia

Local Coordinator Training Videos

The Role of a Local Coordinator
Recruiting Host Families
Child Safety & Wellbeing
Interviewing Outbound Exchange Students

Would you like to be a Local Coordinator?

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