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Students who are looking to go on exchange to Canada have the option to apply for an Academic Semester or Academic Year program and choose from a range of regions, school districts and schools in Canada. Academic Year programs depart in August/September and Academic Semester programs depart in August/September or January. Departure dates may vary depending on the choice of school district.

When you’re not going to school and studying, there’s a lot to do in Canada! You can visit large cities or commune with its beautiful natural habitats. If you like festivals, Canada has many internationally famous ones including the Toronto International Film Festival and stand up comedy’s “Just for Laughs” in Montreal. If you like outdoor activities, you’ve come to the right place! Ski the mountains in Whistler, British Columbia or surf in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. Explore the famous destinations of Niagara Falls, Bywater Market in Ottawa, Old Town Montreal, Lake Louise Alberta, the Toronto Islands, and the beaches along Vancouver Island…the list goes on and on!

Students can participate in athletics, clubs and other extracurricular activities whilst on exchange. International students in Canada are eligible to earn a diploma, as long as they meet graduation requirements for the high school they are attending. With the High School Choice programs, you can customise your study abroad by choosing:

  • Your destination
  • A lifestyle you love – a school in a big city, near the beach or close to the mountains (& ski!)
  • How long to study – International students can study for multiple years at either a public or a private school
  • You can fully participate in athletics, clubs and other extracurricular activities – choose your school based on the activities you love
  • A school with a unique art program – eg multimedia, acting, dance, journalism, music etc.

Where can I study?

Students can choose one of the listed school districts from the following provinces. Click on the province below to view the available school districts:


Alberta is also renowned for its diverse outdoor recreational opportunities, including national parks, hiking trails, and winter sports, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, is celebrated for its breathtaking coastal scenery, lush rainforests, majestic mountains, and vibrant cultural diversity.

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Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost province, is characterized by its rugged coastal beauty, rich maritime heritage, and unique blend of Irish and English cultural influences.

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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, located on Canada’s Atlantic coast, is famous for its historic maritime towns, picturesque coastline, vibrant folk music traditions, and delicious seafood cuisine.

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Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, is known for its diverse urban centers, including Toronto, its vibrant arts and culture scene, the stunning landscapes of the Muskoka region, and the iconic Niagara Falls.

Friends hugging on snowfields in Canada

Application deadlines

  • Year Program – departing August / September – Apply by 30 April
  • Semester Program – departing August / September – Apply by 30 April
  • Semester Program – departing January – Apply by 30 September

Options and Pricing

The full High School Choice Program cost is the combined total of the School & Accommodation Fee (CAD) and the Student Exchange Program Management Fee (NZD).

Each of the above items will be invoiced separately. Note that the School and Accommodation Fee will all be invoiced directly from Canada, in Canadian Dollars.

How to apply

  1. There is a separate application form for each school district. The easiest way to start your Canada High School Choice application process is to book a chat with our team. We will then contact you to discuss your program choice and eligibility to apply for the program.
  2. Consider which schools you would most like to attend. You have options!
  3. Participate in a selection interview with one of our program coordinators.
  4. Depending on your school of choice, you may be asked to complete further school specific documentation, and/or participate in an interview.
  5. We will apply to your chosen school(s) on your behalf.
  6. If you’re accepted by the school, you will then be required to complete further enrolment documentation.
  7. We will send you information about your school and host family.
  8. Attend our departure orientation.
  9. Start your Canada High School Choice experience!

More information

Please note that:

  • This program has a specific application form and application process for each school district.
  • Our scholarships and discounts are not available for the Canada High School Choice program.
  • Departure dates may vary depending on the choice of a school district. Application deadlines are more flexible than the Classic programs.

If you would like to find out more about our Canada High School Choice Program, please contact our Canada Program Coordinator on 1300 135 331 (in Australia) or 0800 440 079 (in New Zealand) to discuss your interest in this program.

Still considering where to go on exchange?

An overview of all programs, prices and application deadlines can be found here.
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Enjoy your exchange experience at an excellent high school in warm, welcoming and diverse Canada, the most multicultural country on earth! Extraordinary nature, vibrant cities and respected academic achievements for your future!

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Your high school exchange will show you why France is the world’s top tourist destination: rich historical sites, stunning nature, fantastic food and a vigorous debating tradition in a world language spoken by almost 100 million people!

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Argentina is well-known for its natural scenery, modern cities and fashion but also for tradition and hospitality. It is an ideal destination for exchange.

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Denmark is one of the happiest nations on earth with some of the best quality of life. Enjoy the hospitality along with an outstanding education system.

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There’s something pure in the Finnish air and spirit that’s incredibly vital and exciting; with the trendsetting modern capital of Helsinki counterbalanced by vast forested wildernesses in the north and east. Try something different on exchange on Finland.

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Your high school exchange in Europe’s economic powerhouse is a great opportunity to invest in your future while discovering rich German language and culture, an open, welcoming society and many stimulating experiences!

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The Emerald Isle welcomes you in English and in Gaelic, to great schools, warm families, dynamic cities and close-knit small towns. Ireland has become a hotbed of innovation but remains rooted in rich traditions you will love!

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Spend your high school exchange in astonishing Italy, from beautiful medieval towns to mountains and seashore; discover capital cities of design; enjoy fabulous farm-to-table food, and learn the world’s most romantic language!

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Who hasn’t heard of Amsterdam, the capital of culture, coffee houses and canals? Its mesmerising beauty is hard to overestimate, and yet a surfeit of stunning metropoles are only hours, or even minutes, away by train.

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Experience the adventure of a lifetime with your neighbours! Australia beckons with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and world-class education. Discover a both similarities and differences, make lifelong friends as a high school exchange student in Australia.

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Norway is, by any standards, one of the most beautiful countries on earth – discover Norwegian traditions and culture on exchange in Norway

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Open doors by studying a great world language in a country with mountains, ocean and medieval villages all within reach, and a laid-back culture where you can learn and enjoy at the same time!

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Sweden’s progressive society also provides an ideal climate for innovation and economic advancement. Your high school exchange here will also reveal why the country is consistently among the world’s happiest!

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United Kingdom

Some of the world’s best schools are in the UK. Combine rich culture and history, beautiful countryside, enthusiastic sports clubs and exciting excursions during your exchange in the UK.

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Being a high school exchange student in the USA is like embarking on an adventure filled with new friendships, diverse cultures, and a world of educational opportunities. It’s a an experience that broadens horizons and creates lasting memories.

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Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of ancient traditions and modern innovation. Engage in authentic cultural experiences, attend Japanese high school, and build lasting friendships. This program offers a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons, enhance language skills, and gain a global perspective that will undoubtedly shape your future.

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