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A promising future for everyone hinges on the importance of education. While not every student can experience studying overseas, the visionaries behind Educatius, namely Tom Ericsson and his partner Anna-Karin, established Aiducatius in 2009. Their aim was to foster accessible and lasting educational opportunities for students in Africa and Latin America. Currently, Aiducatius functions as an independent foundation, working diligently to uplift students and their communities in Tanzania, The Gambia, and Ecuador, thereby contributing to a brighter tomorrow. Additionally, this initiative also plays a role in minimising our environmental impact.

“We believe education is for everyone” – Tom Ericsson


Education often determines life opportunities. But not all students will have the opportunity to study abroad. Our sister organization, Aiducatius, supports schools in Africa and Latin America to enhance their programs and improve student access to education. Aiducatius provides teacher training, uniforms and lunches, digs wells and plants fruit trees. This practical support makes it sustainable for students to attend school and improves outcomes for their families and communities. All students who choose an Student Exchange Australia New Zealand program, as part of the Educatius group contributes to these improved outcomes. 

Saint Martin Basic Cycle School

Supporting students in The Gambia

The Gabriella Centre

Supporting special ed teachers in Tanzania

Tree Planting and Conservation

Helping reduce our carbon footprint from international travel

Healthy communities in Ecuador

Bringing hope to teens who have lost family due to the drug war

Books, school bags and uniforms

St. Martin Basic Cycle is one of the school Aiducatius supports. Located in the very south of The Gambia, this school has over a thousand students. Aiducatius supports these students by providing books, school bags and uniforms.

New opportunities come through education

By covering the most essential cost of schooling, such as books, uniforms, shoes, and exam fees, Aiducatius acts as a catalyst for community growth. In a district like Kartong, The Gambia, with an estimated population of 6 000 inhabitants, families sending their child to school enables parents to save up money to allow their children to attend higher education, expand their own businesses or afford to employ workers.

Climate compensation

At Student Exchange Australia New Zealand we care about the environment and try to live as green as possible, but most of our students do board an aircraft to fly to their high school exchange experience, and sometimes, our staff needs to travel to their colleagues. To climate compensate we support green initiatives.  

In Tanzania, Aiducatius every year sponsor a farmer managed natural regeneration of forest project. The project is run by the Finnish Swedish In Tanzania, Aiducatius every year sponsor a farmer managed natural regeneration of forest project. The project is run by the Finnish Swedish protestant church and supported by the ministry for foreign affairs in Finland. Every year farmers learn about environmental issues and climate change and tree planting deals are made. Farmers recover one acre of natural forest and receive 500 pine seedlings to plant another acre.  This generates private tree nursery initiatives and increases the income for local farmers.

Tree planting
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